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Congregational Board

Wardie Congregational Board is chaired by Ian Mann (one of our members) and consists of all of our elders (selected and ordained for life) together with 30 elected members, each serving for three years. The Board is responsible for our finances and for our buildings, managing these through its two main committees:

Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for keeping Wardie Parish Church buildings and manse safe, welcoming and fit for purpose. We do this by implementing a 10-year rolling maintenance repair and renewal plan and an annual checklist including roof, electrics, alarms, and other health and safety checks. We take decisions on works required with reference to annual budget, insurance requirements, energy efficiency and where possible grant aid. We investigate options and  liaise with  Presbytery on certain specialist works.  We obtain all necessary consents, seek specialist tenders, obtain quotes and oversee implementation of works being carried out. We sanction payment of invoices and keep the Property Register record. We meet three times a year; project sub committees meet more regularly, and ad hoc as work decisions require.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee comprises Adam Gillingham as Convenor; Douglas Hunter as Treasurer and 10 committee members, including the Stewardship Convenor.  The committee meets three times a year and reports to the Congregational Board.

The Finance Committee has a number of roles to perform.  These include:-

  1. Our primary purpose is meeting the Ministry and Mission annual contribution (our biggest outgoing) and securing funding for the Kirk Session’s activities.
  1. Maintaining congregational accounts in a form that discloses income and expenditure, assets and liabilities;
  1. Charity Law requires us to prepare financial statements for each financial year, which discloses a true and fair view of the affairs of Wardie as a charity and its financial activities.  These financial statements, once drafted and approved by the Congregational Board then have to go for examination by our Independent Examiner.  The finalised statements once signed off by the Session Clerk are submitted to 121 George Street. They are also included in the annual report the Church must file with OSCR the Charity Regulator.

The Stewardship Convenor is responsible for: overseeing the running of the stewardship campaigns of time, talent and money; creating, providing and distributing details for regular financial giving to Wardie Church and organising envelopes for weekly giving; and encouraging giving to the church through Gift Aid.