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Wardie’s Living Advent Calendar


You are invited for a taste of Christmas between 1st and 24th December

when a new window or door

of the Living Advent Calendar

will be opened at a different address

promptly at 6pm, followed by a short presentation

(music, poetry, creative art, stories or folklore …)

based on an Advent or Christmas theme.

The surprises will be as varied as the hosts.

For a copy of the Living Advent Calendar and route map, please contact churchoffice@wardie.org.uk


Living Advent Calendar venues

1 Dec (Sat), 3-5pm: Drop-in Advent event, Wardie Church (Netherby Road Door)

2 Dec (Sun): No event today. Join us for our service at 10.30am at Wardie Parish Church for the first Sunday in Advent

3 Dec (Mon)       6pm: 35 Lomond Road

4 Dec (Tues)       6pm: 1 East Lillypot

5 Dec (Wed)        6pm: 4 Primrose Bank Rd

6 Dec (Thur)       6pm: Wallace House, 3 Boswall Rd

7 Dec (Fri)          6pm: 21 Netherby Rd

9 Dec (Sun)        6pm:  Wardie Parish Church, Entrance Netherby Rd

10 Dec (Mon)      6pm: 92 Trinity Rd       

11 Dec (Tues)     6pm: St Columba’s Hospice, Boswall Rd reception area

12 Dec (Wed)      6pm: 91 Netherby Rd

14 Dec (Fri)        6pm: 64 East Trinity Rd

16 Dec (Sun)       6-7pm: Wardie Parish Church, Community Carol Concert

17 Dec (Mon)      6pm: 33 Boswall Rd

18 Dec (Tues)     6pm: 64/2 Inverleith Row

19 Dec (Wed)      6pm: 180 Granton Rd

21 Dec (Fri)        6pm: 30 Starbank Rd

23 Dec (Sun)       No Living Advent Calendar; join us instead for 10.30am at Wardie Parish Church 3rd Advent Service (ca 1h), a countdown to Christmas in Words and Music

24 Dec (Mon)      6pm: Christingle Service, Wardie Parish Church

                           11.15pm: Wardie Parish Church, Watchnight Service

25 Dec (Tue)  10.30am: Wardie Parish Church, Christmas Day Service