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Season of Talents

Our Season of Talents was about sharing our skills within the church and local community, celebrating the talent that we have and helping to develop each other. It ran from spring/early summer of 2016 until spring 2017.

Our Wardie’s Got Talent event kicked off the Season. People from the congregation came forward to offer to share their skills with others. This included people giving dance lessons, language lessons, tuition on writing CVs and interview preparation, coaching for sorting out domestic paperwork, singing lessons, advice about how to research family history, a lesson about making fascinators and a walking tour of Edinburgh.

At our Summer Ceilidh and BBQ in August 2016 around 100 people celebrated our Season of Talents. The Season continued into 2018 with Sporting Conversations, question-and-answer sessions with Scottish sporting figures led by commentator Paul Mitchell.

There were two life coaching sessions – Setting Goals and Live a Motivated Life.

Since our Season of Talents, we have had a Season of Money (2017 to 2018) and we are now into our Season of Time, focusing on devoting time to contemplation and prayer.