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Happy Birthday, Gordon!

Gordon Hay 1

In December it was the 98th birthday of Gordon Hay, the longest-standing member of Wardie Parish Church. He tells us some of his memories of Wardie:

“I first joined Wardie Parish Church Sunday School in 1925 at the age of 4. I was 20 when I became a full church member in 1941.

Through being a member I progressed to becoming a church Elder in 1960, aged 39. While I was an Elder I also became the first Free Will Treasurer dealing with collection envelopes and cash given at Sunday School.

I continued in my role as an Elder for a total of 54 years, finally retiring in 2014 at the age of 93.

Over the years I have seen quite a few ministers at Wardie, Rev J. Baikie who christened me, Rev. J Douglas, Rev. A. Kissling, Rev. James Rennie, Rev Thomas Thompson, Rev. Brian Hilsley and Rev Ute Jaeger-Fleming.

And now I am looking forward to meeting our next minister. The eighth in my long connection with Wardie.”