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Join a retreat during Lent at Wardie Parish Church


What is the Lent Retreat?

It is a daily time of prayer (aiming at 15-30 minutes) and weekly meeting of around an hour with others doing the retreat and a prayer guide.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to deepen their prayer life, or someone who is not sure what they believe but is willing to take a risk and seriously explore the reality of God.

What is the programme?

The core elements are personal prayer each day, using scripture of the day, then reviewing how that prayer time went, and meeting with your group weekly. During the weekly meeting there will be opportunity for sharing and input on different ways of praying and how to deepen your relationship with God.

Why take part in the retreat?

When we are generous, God is more so. We encounter a God who loves and calls us. It can also help us feel connected with our local community.

How much does it cost?

The Lent retreat is free. Donations are welcome and voluntary.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested, please contact the minister, Ute Jaeger-Fleming (minister@wardie.org.uk) or Lynn Mackenzie (churchoffice@wardie.org.uk) about the start of the retreat and times of the meetings. You can also register for daily emails and access to online resources on www.pathwaystogod.org/lentretreat2019/signup

But I’m useless at praying!

Join the club!

Will I be asked to do anything embarrassing?

No. Honest. Unless you want to.

Who organises the retreat?

The retreat has been organized by the spirituality team from Jesuits in Britain and is open to members of all denominations and none.

It will be facilitated locally at Wardie Parish Church. Printed material will be provided.