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Message from Rev. Ann Inglis, Interim Moderator


Dear Friends,

We are living in days of great uncertainty. Each news bulletin brings developments in the coronavirus outbreak both here and in other countries. Uncertainty inevitably leads to anxiety and, when people are isolated for lengthy periods, there is the likelihood of some people feeling depressed. All of us are seeing our lives affected. The Church of Scotland, along with other mainstream churches, has ceased to hold worship and all meetings and other gatherings have been cancelled.

We are developing ways of keeping in touch with members and of providing reflections, prayers etc. on this website. Look out for developments. We are also looking at ways of providing pastoral contact in ways which are very different from those with which we are familiar. A number of people have offered practical help. While we are very pleased that they have done so, we need to be very careful that we comply with all safeguarding matters and we are giving this matter careful consideration. A time such as this can either bring out the best in people or can bring out the worst. Let’s be sure that it brings out the best in us!

Given the above developments it is clear that the vacancy process will be delayed. As with all other aspects of our lives it would be useless to speculate about how long we will find ourselves in this situation. Be assured that we will keep you informed.

We are currently in the season of Lent. This season is traditionally when Christian people aim to deepen their spiritual lives as we journey with Jesus to the cross and beyond. It is a time to think anew about our faith and our commitment. Sometimes when people feel alarmed at what is happening around them in the world they lose faith, while others find their faith deepened as we realise once again that our God is a God who never abandons us. He doesn’t always stop bad things happening to us but he is there with us as we go through these times. God is our refuge and strength. In a time of change and confusion we should never lose sight of the fact of the promise made by Jesus that he will be with us always to the end of the age.

Easter is traditionally a time for celebrating with family and friends. That will not be possible for us this year. We can still celebrate the enormous truth that our Lord died and rose again – FOR US! I wish you a blessed Easter season as once again we rejoice that Jesus is risen.

Wishing you every blessing

Ann Inglis