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Prayers During Covid-19

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Prayer Corner, written for the cancelled News at Wardie, April 2020

Father God, we thank you for being with us at all times.

We give thanks for those who have helped us on our way; who have been close to us and guided us.

We owe much to many who have made time to support others. We pray that you will continue to give them the strength required for their service.

We pray for the victims of coronavirus and their families; for the people of Syria, made destitute by greed and blindness; for those caught up in religious strife in India. May leaders of religions work to heal wounds and misunderstandings which overtake them and find what they have in common: your love for all humankind.

Help us use this season of Lent to reflect and to welcome you into our lives; may we have the strength and commitment to put aside our cares to be guided by you and to acknowledge your abundance of acceptance and forgiveness.  Help us to find the peace which you offer and to share this with all whom we love.


An extended version of this prayer was used at our Morning Service on 1st March 2020.