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Tom’s Teasers! A Wardie Church Quiz


Our resident quiz master, Tom Kelly, has produced a stay-at-home quiz about Wardie Parish Church.

With one exception, the questions can all be answered from the internet. The remaining question can be answered from the recent church history 1985-2015. So you should be able to complete the quiz from home! There is one trick of trade in using the internet – Pastmap – which Tom would be happy to explain to individuals on request.

The quiz is in Word format. Fill in the answers on your Word document and email them back to Tom (tom@tandemkelly.co.uk)

There is a prize of a Smarties Easter Egg for the first completely correct set of answers Tom receives, and consolation prizes of small boxes of tiny Smarties for runners-up. Obviously these would have to be presented after the lockdown.

Good luck!

Tom’s Teasers, Easter 2020