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Wardie Advent Doors 2021

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This December we’re delighted to announce the return of Advent Doors! Every day, from 1st to 24th December, there’ll be a door, or a gate, hedge or railings, to visit. There you’ll find part of the Christmas story and a poem or prayer. The display will be set up for the rest of Advent so you can visit any time.

Each part of the Christmas story will have a letter on it. Collect all the letters and rearrange them to make a festive message!

Where are the doors?

Wednesday 1st December: Wardie Church, Netherby Road entrance

Thursday 2nd December: 12 Stirling Road

Friday 3rd December: 4 Primrose Bank Road

Saturday 4th December: 64 East Trinity Road

Sunday 5th December: Wardie Church, entrance to garden railings

Monday 6th December: 12 Afton Terrace

Tuesday 7th December: 21 Netherby Road

Wednesday 8th December: 21 Stirling Road

Thursday 9th December: 10 Russell Place

Friday 10th December: 33 Boswall Road

Saturday 11th December: 3 Wardie Dell

Sunday 12th December: Wardie Church, Netherby Road railings

Monday 13th December: 14 Netherby Road

Tuesday 14th December: 22 Lomond Road

Wednesday 15th December: 102 Netherby Road

Thursday 16th December: 35 Lomond Road

Friday 17th December: 1 East Lillypot

Saturday 18th December: 19 Denham Green Terrace

Sunday 19th December: Wardie Church Garden

Monday 20th December: 1 Bangholm View

Tuesday 21st December: 6 Primose Bank Road

Wednesday 22nd December: 30 Starbank Road

Thursday 23rd December: 102 Trinity Road

Friday 24th December: Wardie Church Main Entrance

We’ll post pictures of the doors on this page, so do check back once Advent has started!

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