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Kirk Session

Wardie Kirk Session consists of about 40 elders who have been selected from the membership of the church and ordained for life to the role of eldership. Our minister chairs (or moderates) Kirk Session meetings which happen about six times each year.

The Session is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the congregation and parish. It makes decisions about the life and work of the church and sets our strategic objectives. It is our role to give leadership and direction to the congregation. This is a big responsibility, only possible because of the guidance and strengthening given by God.

To manage the workload and deliver our work the Session has a number of committees or working groups that take responsibility for particular areas. The main working groups are:

Church and World

This group keeps the congregation informed about and involved in meeting challenges and needs such as environmental issues and world poverty. The committee also coordinates charitable activities and fundraising for the wide variety of external organisations we support. It recommends suitable charities to support to the Kirk Session.


This group works to ensure that our communication within the congregation and the parish, and beyond, is effective. This website and our e-newsletter are examples of its activities.


This new group is in charge of IT-related matters at the church.

Pastoral Care

With a congregation of over 500 people this group is kept very busy offering care and support to members and others. The Pastoral Group incorporates the Care Team and Safeguarding. As well as these it also undertakes to organise various events in the church throughout the year for outreach, service and fellowship.

Worship and Christian Development

This group tries to offer a variety of worship and growth opportunities which meet people’s needs and honour God.

Each working group reports to the Session regularly. Group members may be elders or members of the congregation. This gives everyone in Wardie Parish Church the opportunity to get involved in areas that interest them.