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Activities A-Z

Badminton: Friday, 10.30am
Friendship, relaxation, and keeping fit too! Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Banner Group: Meeting times vary
Creating with fabric. Sewing skills not essential. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Beavers: Friday, 5.30pm
For those aged 6 to 8. Contact Ann Watson, 551 4778.

Boogie Bounce: Monday, 7/8pm, Wednesday, 7/8pm
A fun mini-trampoline exercise class for adults. Contact Lindsey Scobie, lindseyscobie28@gmail.com.

Brownies: Tuesday, 6pm, Wednesday, 6pm
For girls aged 7 to 10. Contact Erin Hickey (Tuesdays) on 125awardie@gmail.com or Alison Hume on brownieswardie125@hotmail.com (Wednesdays).

Choir: Sunday, 9.45am
Leads worship. Open to all who enjoy singing. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Cubs: Friday, 6.30pm
For boys 8 to 10. Contact Ann Watson, 551 4778.

Drama Studio: Friday Afternoon
Dance and drama for young people 4 to 14. Contact Julie McDonald, 453 3284.

4 Men (Men’s Group)Quarterly
Opportunity for men to meet and chat.

Guides: Thursday, 7pm
For girls aged 10 to 14. Contact Isabella Childs, childs@blueyonder.co.uk.

Jen’s Voice: Tuesday/Friday
Singing for Adults. Judith Gardner Jones, 07710 208355.

Kidz@Wardie: Sunday, 10.30am
For children aged 3+ to learn about Jesus and have fun. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Manor School of Ballet: Saturday Morning
A variety of ballet, jazz and tap classes, pre-school onwards. Contact Claire Smith, 347 2570.

NetworkSunday, 8.15pm
For young people (S3 upwards) to explore faith. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Open Door: Monday, 7.30pm (Monthly)
Wide variety of speakers and social activities.

Pilates: Monday, 10.30am/11.30am and 6.15pm/7.15pm
Improve flexibility, posture and core muscle strength. Contact Susan Welsh, susan@livethestudio.com.

Pilates plus PhysioTuesday, 7.00pm
Designed and led by physiotherapists. Contact Tessa Santer, talk@pilatesplusphysio.co.uk.

Rainbows: Thursday, 5.30pm
For girls aged 5 to 7. Contact Anna Thomas (Thursday) on 125arainbows@gmail.com.

Saturday Club: Saturday, 5pm (Monthly)
Youth club with food, for 10-13 year olds. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Scouts: Friday, 7.30pm
For boys 10 to 14. Contact Ann Watson, 551 4778.

Toddler Group: Thursday, 10am/2pm
For children aged 0-3 and their carers. 

Toddler Music Cafe: Tuesday, 10am
For children aged 0-3 and carers, coffee morning with music. Limited places, please book. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Wardie GuildWednesday, 10.30am (Fortnightly)
Varied and interesting programme.

Wardie LadiesQuarterly.
Meet, talk and enjoy a drink. All ladies welcome! 

Wardie Walkers: Wednesday, 10am (Monthly)
Walking group. Bring waterproof clothes, a drink and a snack. Contact Linda and Douglas Coghill, dwcoghill@aol.com.

Youth Choir: Sunday, 9.45am
For those aged 5 to 18 who love to sing. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Zumba: Saturday, 9.00am
Fitness and fun! Contact Suzanne Ebel, 552 6105.

For more details of these activities and how to get involved, please contact the Church Office, phone 0131 551 3847.