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Activities A-Z

Badminton: Friday, 10.30am
Friendship, relaxation, and keeping fit too! Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Banner Group: Meeting times vary
Creating with fabric. Sewing skills not essential. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Beavers: Friday, 5.30pm
For those aged 6 to 8. Contact Ann Watson, 551 4778.

Boogie Bounce: Monday, 7/8pm, Wednesday, 7/8pm
A fun mini-trampoline exercise class for adults. Contact Lindsey Scobie, lindseyscobie28@gmail.com.

Brownies: Tuesday, 6pm, Wednesday, 6pm
For girls aged 7 to 10. Contact Erin Hickey (Tuesdays) on 125awardie@gmail.com or Alison Hume on brownieswardie125@hotmail.com (Wednesdays).

Choir: Sunday, 9.45am
Leads worship. Open to all who enjoy singing. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Cubs: Friday, 6.30pm
For boys 8 to 10. Contact edinburghnortheastenquiries@gmail.com.

Drama Studio: Friday Afternoon
Dance and drama for young people 4 to 14. Contact Julie McDonald, 453 3284.

Guides: Thursday, 7.15pm
For girls aged 10 to 14. Contact Isabella Childs, childs@blueyonder.co.uk.

Just Play Football: Wednesday, 4.30pm
Fun, creative football for youngsters. Contact Jonny Kay, 07807 627443.

Kidz@Wardie: Sunday, 10.30am
For children aged 3+ to learn about Jesus and have fun. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Manor School of Ballet: Saturday Morning
A variety of ballet, jazz and tap classes, pre-school onwards. Contact Claire Smith, 347 2570.

Men’s Group (4Men)Quarterly
Opportunity for men to meet and chat.

NetworkSunday, 8.15pm
For young people (S3 upwards) to explore faith. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Open Door: Monday, 7.30pm (Monthly)
Wide variety of speakers and social activities.

Pilates: Monday, 10.30am and 7.15pm
Improve flexibility, posture and core muscle strength. Contact Susan Welsh, 07802 293380.

Pilates plus PhysioTuesday, 7.00pm
Designed and led by physiotherapists. Contact Tessa Santer, talk@pilatesplusphysio.co.uk.

Rainbows: Wednesday, 5.15pm, Thursday, 5.30pm
For girls aged 5 to 7. Contact Marianne Elliot (Wednesday) on wardierainbows@gmail.com or Anna Thomas (Thursday) on 125arainbows@gmail.com.

Saturday Youth Club: Saturday, 5pm (Monthly)
Youth club with food, for 10-13 year olds. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Scouts: Friday, 7.30pm
For boys 10 to 14. Contact edinburghnortheastenquiries@gmail.com.

Toddler Group: Thursday, 10am/2pm
For children aged 0-3 and their carers. 

Toddler Music Cafe: Tuesday, 10am
For children aged 0-3 and carers, coffee morning with music. Limited places, please book. Contact Mo Brand, 551 3847.

Wardie GuildWednesday, 10.30am (Fortnightly)
Varied and interesting programme.

Wardie LadiesQuarterly.
Meet, talk and enjoy a drink. All ladies welcome! 

Wardie Walkers: Wednesday, 10am (Monthly)
Walking group. Bring waterproof clothes, a drink and a snack. Contact Linda and Douglas Coghill, dwcoghill@aol.com.

Youth Choir: Sunday, 9.45am
For those aged 5 to 18 who love to sing. Contact the Church Office, 0131 551 3847.

Zumba: Saturday, 9.15am
Fitness and fun! Contact Suzanne Ebel, 552 6105.

For more details of these activities and how to get involved, please contact the Church Office, phone 0131 551 3847.