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Traidcraft was set up as a Christian response to poverty. It is both a development charity that manages projects with the poorest producers in Africa, Asia and South America, and a trading company that provides goods to sell, many of which carry the Fairtrade label or contain Fairtrade ingredients. By providing a fair minimum price, safe working conditions and partnership based on respect, Traidcraft helps its producers to trade their way out of poverty and so to raise their self-esteem. Above all, Traidcraft believes in justice for the poor by helping people to help themselves and by empowering women.

By buying from Traidcraft you can help to change lives.

In Wardie we hold regular stalls after the Sunday service where you can buy coffee, tea, Geobars, delicious chocolate, pasta etc, as well as Clean & Fair cleaning materials and a range of cards. At Christmas time catalogues are available for individual orders. To find out more go to www.traidcraft.co.uk

“Millions still live in absolute poverty and urgently need the sort of practical help that Traidcraft can offer.” Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York