Wardie Logo Pink

Our Profile & Vision

By Connor Mollison

Our aim is for Wardie Parish Church to be at the heart of our community. Within a small parish (geographically, the smallest in Edinburgh) we see ourselves as a local hub, with a ministry of hosting.

What we believe

We believe that our worship informs all that we do in the church and community, as we seek to fulfil the mission of the Christian church:

  • Proclaim the good news
  • Teach and nurture all in their journey of faith
  • Respond in loving service
  • Fight injustice
  • Safeguard creation

We want to share God’s love and grace with our neighbours, maintaining and strengthening connections with local schools, nursing homes, St. Columba’s Hospice, and other churches and organisations where we have established links. We are constantly looking to form new connections and relationships.