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Working with Other Local Churches

Wardie is a member of the Council of Churches in Goldenacre and Trinity.

Representatives of Wardie, Inverleith St Serf’s, St James & St Philip’s and Holy Cross meet three times a year to arrange events such as ecumenical services and study groups during Lent.

There is a joint service at the Gala every two years at the end of August in Lomond Park (our next Gala is in 2019). The Tabernacle Church have sent observers to our meetings and we have been invited to some of their events such as their Carol Service.

All the churches have services during Holy Week to which we are all invited. We also have one evening a year when we invite a charity to come and speak to us – in 2017 it was the Singing Group and we had a lively evening finding our how their meetings are organised and raising £850 for their funds.