Last year, 107,073 shoe boxes were donated and distributed to people in need through Blythswood. Wardie donated the superb total of 111 boxes. James Campbell, the Chief Executive of Blythswood, writes: “So often I have seen tears, tears of joy, when handing over Blythswood shoe boxes. To realise that someone cares for them, someone like you, whom they have never even met, can bring indescribable happiness … Your gifts have an impact which is both practical and personal. Young and old who receive boxes are helped to keep warm and clean. Their dignity is restored and their awareness renewed of what it is to love and be loved.”

Perhaps you would like to fill a shoe box this year and bring joy and happiness to many who have nothing and are unlikely to receive any other gift this Christmas. See Blythswood’s website for details. The final date for handing in filled boxes is Sunday 3rd November.


Building relationships, building community – finding God in dialogue with the world and its people

We are thrilled to launch the new development plan for Wardie Parish Church.

Our church teams, most of them familiar to you already (Pastoral, Finance, Worship and so on) will be leading on the development initiatives. They will be supported by the Kirk Session and they will also be supported by you, the congregation and friends of Wardie Church.

Our Mission Statement is the foundation for our plan:

We are here to love, worship and serve God. The focus of our ministry is to offer hospitality and build community. We aspire to be a beacon of love, hope and support within our community of Trinity, and beyond.

We aim to provide and nurture a safe and inclusive environment where people of all generations can belong wherever they are on their journey of life.

We believe that God calls us to build and strengthen just, caring, mutual and sustainable relationships in church, in society and as members of the global community. We care for the environment and so protect the integrity of God’s creation.

We love to communicate with people: To listen, to discuss, to understand and to learn. Through such dialogue we can better find solutions to problems and enhance opportunities to engage in God’s work.

There are fifteen teams in total. You can see who our team leaders are, and some of the initiatives in our new plan, in the January 2019 edition of News at Wardie.

Ute, Heather, Paul, Stephen and Chris (Development Plan Steering Group)