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Could you be our new minister?


Wardie Parish Church is the smallest parish in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and will appeal to you if you would like the opportunity to work in a friendly, close-knit community close to the shore of the Forth.

We are looking for someone to journey with us to fulfil our mission: “Building relationships, building community – finding God in dialogue with the world and its people”.

At Wardie we aspire to be a beacon of love, hope and support within Trinity and beyond. We aim to provide and nurture a safe and inclusive environment where people of all generations can belong wherever they are on their journey of life. For our young people we provide a strong Sunday School and a part-time Youth Worker.

Our 2019 Local Church Review stated:

“This is a congregation who ‘do church’ in many exciting ways. They boldly attempt to take new initiatives for God, while accepting that some will be unsuccessful. … They do not work in isolation but are open to learn from the experience of other congregations.”

“Wardie Parish Church is an outward-looking congregation who are enthusiastic to engage with the local, national and international communities. Their support for charitable work by action and finance is admirable.”

If you are interested in walking with us, providing leadership, guidance, support and strong biblical preaching to all our generations, then we would love to hear from you.

Enquiries can be made to the Interim Moderator, Rev. Ann Inglis, at revainglis@gmail.com, or to the Clerk to the Nominating Committee, Fiona Lane, at clerktonc@wardie.org.uk. 

Our Parish Profile

Our Parish Profile takes you through the mission, values and history of Wardie Parish Church, and outlines what we’re looking for in our new minister.

Parish Profile Wardie Church August 2020